2014 International TETRA Awards

The 2014 International TETRA awards, a collaboration between the TCCA and TETRA Today, have been designed to recognize excellence in the field of TETRA radio communications. 

The range of award categories offered opportunities for products, applications and solutions of merit across the full range of TETRA activity, in both mission critical and business critical organizations.

A panel of communications experts and authorities from across the globe assessed each entry, seeking evidence of flair, initiative and enterprise beyond the ordinary.

The gala dinner and ceremony for the 2014 International TETRA Awards took place at  The Landmark  London, on Friday 21 February 2014.

Having already had two hugely successful events  the International TETRA Awards now moves into its third year. The awards have been hailed as a great success by Phil Kidner, CEO of the TCCA, who commented: “As an awards judge, I can testify first hand to the quality of the submissions, and the impressive achievements that TETRA has enabled. I congratulate all the organizations that took the time and effort to enter the awards.”   

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